Administration of pressure conduit safety and censorial regulation
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The 3rd chapter Safe and censorial

The first General provision

The 10th The design unit of pressure conduit should obtain the design qualification card that provincial above issues about director branch, sign up for service of provincial above labor to put on record.

The specifications of pressure conduit safety that pressure conduit designs an unit to answer a design is responsible.

Eleventh Pressure conduit uses the product such as pipe, pipe fitting, valve, flange, compensator, safe protector to create an unit (the following abbreviation creates an unit) should work to provincial above the ground of service or accredit of provincial labor service (city) course work service applies for safety to register.

The checkup that safety registers works to be judged jointly with what approbate about director branch with class by labor department check an orgnaization to undertake.

Production unit answers quality of its product safety to be in charge of. The product casts antenatal to should undertake type experiments.

Labor department is in charge of the qualification test of type experiment unit and approval, issue letter of qualification of type experiment unit.

Dozenth Pressure conduit installs an unit must the pressure conduit that hold labor service issues installs licence.

Pressure conduit installs the evaluation work that unit qualification approves, the evaluation orgnaization that approbates jointly with concerned director branch by labor service undertakes.

Licence of pressure conduit installation is united by labor department print, issue by labor department and provincial labor service respectively.

The quality of pressure plumbing safety that pressure conduit installs an unit to answer its place to install construction is responsible.
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