Administration of pressure conduit safety and censorial regulation
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Thirteenth Build, extend, rebuilt pressure conduit should by qualificatory checklist to its installation quality undertakes supervisory examining; Using pressure conduit to answer by qualificatory checklist have regular inspection.

Examine the qualification test of the unit presses this regulation the 25th, 28 regulation undertakes.

The 14th Pressure conduit repairs the condition with transform an unit to should be had certain, undertake to pressure conduit great when transforming, its technology and management ask to answer to agree with the demand that builds pressure pipeline.

The 15th The solderer that is engaged in pressure conduit soldering detects with what nondestructive detects personnel, the letter of qualification of staff of special type work that must obtain labor service to issue by concerned regulation.

The 16th Labor service should is opposite by this regulation the design of pressure conduit, make, installation, use, examine, repair transform an unit to have security censorial, decide the key with spot censorial safety and way according to the actual condition of our region. Preventive to endangering the pressure conduit with high rate to should be strengthened safety is censorial.

The seventeenth Labor service should undertake statistic, report and processing to the accident by concerned regulation.

The 2nd The safety of industrial conduit is censorial

The 18th Industrial conduit endangers degree to undertake classificationing by its, the basis classifications executive safety is censorial.

The 19th Conduit of industry of design of use unit proper motion is needed via its provincial director branch agrees, put on record to provincial labor service.

The 20th Conduit of industry of installation of use unit proper motion is needed via its provincial director branch is approved, put on record to provincial labor service.
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