Administration of pressure conduit safety and censorial regulation
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The 3rd The safety of public conduit is censorial

The 21st The construction of public conduit must accord with town planning, fire control and safe requirement. When the checkup of reelection line, be recruited gets local labor service agree.

The 22nd The design of public plumbing is examined and complete is checked and accept due the safe supervisor that local labor service expedites attends.

The 23rd Any units and individual must not go up in public conduit build building, build content and pile up article.

Light in the city when enrage and construction undertaking near heating power conduit, construction unit must be asked for so that agree with use unit about management, decide via both sides, take corresponding safe safeguard rear but construction. Place labor service undertakes supervisory checking to this.

The 4th Grow the safety that is defeated by conduit censorial

The 24th Long be defeated by conduit safety censorial job is in charge of by labor department.

Be engaged in growing be defeated by conduit safety the personnel of censorial job is groomed by labor department, card of assessment, hair, its are versed in oppose labor department is in charge of.

The 25th Grow the checklist that is defeated by conduit should have corresponding requirement, its qualification test has labor department jointly with undertake jointly about director branch with class, examine qualificatory certificate is issued by labor department.

The 26th Build, before extend, rebuilt length is defeated by conduit to install construction, construction unit should put on record to labor department. Project complete is checked and accept due the safe supervisor that labor department expedites attends.

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