Administration of pressure conduit safety and censorial regulation
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The 4th chapter Checklist

The 27th The unit that is engaged in industrial conduit and public conduit examining should have certain requirement, ask to obtain by the regulation examine accordingly qualification.

The 28th The industrial conduit that provincial above belongs to about sectional place and public conduit examine the qualification of the unit, by labor department jointly with undertake checkup about director branch with class.

Provincial and the following concerned branch and the industrial conduit that the enterprise belongs to and public conduit examine the qualification of the unit, be in charge of examining by provincial labor service.

Examine qualificatory certificate is united by labor department print, issue by labor department and provincial labor service respectively.

The 29th Pressure conduit inspector must organize assessment via service of provincial above labor, obtain corresponding qualificatory letter.

Thirtieth Examine unit and inspector are examining inspection man is engaged in making inside the range that unit qualification certificate and inspector qualification certificate permit.

Examine the unit should examine to what what its issue the validity of the result is responsible.

Thirtieth Assume pressure conduit installation to supervise the checklist that examines with imports and exports, should have just tripartite place.

Be engaged in supervising inspection man to make examine unit and its personnel, the design that must not pursue pressure conduit, make, installation, repair transform the job and working distribute activity.

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