Administration of pressure conduit safety and censorial regulation
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Thirtieth 2 Examine the business that unit and inspector should keep unit be examininged is private.

Thirtieth 3 Examine unit and examine the supervisory inspection that personnel should accept labor service and business are direct.

Thirtieth 4 The checklist that is engaged in pressure conduit examining by about collect fees issue collection to examine cost.

The 5th chapter Punish Criterion

Thirtieth 5 Have one of following cases, instruct by labor service correct, can penalize a fund:

(one) did not apply put on record the pressure conduit of formalities designs an unit to design pressure conduit;

(2) the production system of unit that did not apply safety to register formalities builds pressure conduit to use pipe, pipe fitting, valve, flange, compensator and safe protector;

(3) the installation unit that did not apply pressure conduit to install licence installs pressure conduit;

(4) build, extend, change what conduit of voltage build-up force examines without supervising and complete checks and accept qualification and investment of do sth without authorization moves;

(5) the use unit that registers to deal with pressure conduit uses pressure pipeline;

(6) did not obtain pressure conduit to examine qualificatory unit is engaged in pressure conduit inspection man making;

(7) use unit did not have regular inspection to pressure conduit by concerned regulation.

Thirtieth 6
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