Small-sized and often press safety of hot water boiler censorial regulation
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The first chapter General principles

The first To strengthen small-sized with the safety that often presses hot water boiler censorial with management, ensure safety moves, basis " safety of boiler pressure vessel is censorial and provisional byelaw " gift with the State Council the function of quality technology supervisory service, formulate sets originally.

The 2nd This regulation is applied to small-sized boiler mixes the stationary that is medium with water to often press hot water boiler. This regulation is not applicable wall hung water heater.

The 3rd Stipulate narrates small-sized boiler is to point to originally:

(One) small-sized soda water is amphibious boiler (rated capacity does not exceed 0. 5 tons / the boiler) that pressure of hour, rated vapour does not exceed 0.04 million handkerchief;

(2) boiler of small-sized hot water (rated pressure giving water does not exceed 0. The hot water boiler of 1 million handkerchief, the) of hot water boiler of tap water pressurization;

(3) small-sized steam boiler (water capacity does not exceed 50 to rise and rated vapour pressure does not exceed 0. The steam boiler) of 7 million handkerchief;

(4) small-sized aluminium is made bear press boiler (noumenon chooses aluminium to pledge material is made, pressure of rated exit vapour does not exceed 0. 04 million handkerchief, and rated capacity does not exceed 0. 2 tons / the boiler) of the hour.

The 4th Setting what what narrate to often press hot water boiler originally is to show boiler proper starting a hole perhaps is used connect canal and air are interlinked, for love or money, gauge pressure of boiler proper coping is the boiler of 0.

The 5th Small-sized boiler ought to ask to be with the technology of this regulation accurate, the other technology requirement with this not specific provision ought to be carried out " technology of steam boiler security is censorial regulations " and " technology of security of hot water boiler is censorial regulations " .
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