Small-sized and often press safety of hot water boiler censorial regulation
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(4) small-sized and often press hot water boiler to install an unit, install the boiler that unqualified system of unit builds;

(5) often will press hot water to boiler is installed or be transformed bear those who press boiler.

Fiftieth 5 Small-sized have one of following cases with the person that often press hot water boiler to use, instruct its to correct, belong to those who be not management sex to use act, place with 1000 yuan of the following amerce; Belong to management sex to use act, place with 10 thousand yuan of the following amerce:

(One) use did not obtain " boiler creates license " of the boiler that system of unit builds;

(2) did not fulfill boiler to install a newspaper to approve procedure by the regulation;

(3) did not install complete by compasses methodize acceptable;

(4) did not deal with boiler to use by the regulation register;

(5) did not have regular inspection by the regulation;

(6) do sth without authorization exceeds those who press use boiler;

(7) do not sign up for to producing boiler accident to conceal, give false information perhaps destroys trouble spot.

Belong to this of the first circumstance, divide outside undertaking fining handling to its, discard as useless to having the boiler of safety condition to ought to instruct its to do processing.

Fiftieth 6 The illegal act that the personnel discovery of censorial orgnaization violates safety of pressure vessel of boiler of quality technology supervisory service to set originally, ought to instruct its to correct, to violating unit and individual, by the place various quality technology supervises service according to " the regulation of conduction program of case of technical supervisory administration " executive administration punishment; Be suspected of crime, move send a judiciary to investigate its criminal duty.
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