Small-sized and often press safety of hot water boiler censorial regulation
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The 7th chapter Add Criterion

Fiftieth 7 Supervisory service of each provincial quality technology can combine our region actual condition, make executive way according to this regulation.

Fiftieth 8 Vacuum photograph changes the regulation that the management of boiler presses hot water boiler by as usual is carried out.

Fiftieth 9 Stipulate by national quality technology supervisory bureau is in charge of explaining originally.

The 60th This provision applies since August 1, 2000.

The 41st Small-sized aluminium is made bear the material that presses boiler ought to accord with GB3193 " aluminium and aluminium alloy hot-rolling board " with GB / T 3190 " be out of shape aluminium reachs part of aluminium alloy chemistry " regulation. Of aluminous material allowable the mechanical performance that stress provides according to national level is chosen, its safety factor; Nb=4. 0, ns=1. 5. Drum (housing) or the extraction of furnace uses a wall thick must not be less than 4 millimeter.

(2) Wen Buchao of rated exit water crosses 85 ℃ , of reliable overtemperature protection device;

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