Small-sized and often press safety of hot water boiler censorial regulation
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The 6th Each must implement this provision about the unit, various quality technology supervises service to be in charge of supervising the execution of this regulation.

The 2nd chapter Supervisory management

The 7th Small-sized design a file with what often control product of hot water boiler (calculated description of design, intensity) ought to supervise security of service boiler pressure vessel via provincial quality technology censorial orgnaization examines approval

The 8th The E2 class above that produces the unit of small-sized boiler to must obtain technology of provincial above quality to supervise service to issue (the class that contain E2) " boiler creates license " .

The production that often controls hot water boiler executes production system of licensing, " boiler creates license " by provincial quality technology supervisory service is issued, its period of efficacy is 5 years.

Have E: Class above (the class that contain E2) the unit of boiler production qualification is had at the same time often press hot water boiler to make a qualification.

The 9th Any units or the individual is not gotten installation, sale and use did not obtain " boiler creates license " what system of unit builds is small-sized often perhaps press hot water boiler.

The 10th Small-sized with the installation that often presses hot water boiler, qualification certificate that repair and transforms an unit to must obtain provincial quality technology to supervise service to issue.

Small-sized with the boiler that often presses hot water boiler to make an unit can install this unit to produce.
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