Small-sized and often press safety of hot water boiler censorial regulation
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The 3rd chapter Small-sized and often press hot water boiler current technology requirement

The 19th Small-sized the requirement that ought to accord with on the safe side with the design that often presses hot water boiler. Boiler heating surface must get reliable refrigeration. Chosen combustion equipment ought to on the safe side, and ought to match with furnace photograph.

The 20th The intensity of boiler pressure part is calculated ought to according to GB / T16508 " intensity of shell boiler pressure part is calculated " or GB 9222 " intensity of conduit boiler pressure part is calculated " the regulation undertakes.

The 21st Boiler advocate welding line must not be used build receive and horn receives contact. Of boiler must not leave to go up in welding line into tube bank aperture, and must not introduce crossed welding line.

The 22nd Use solder the method is made, installation, when repair and transforming small-sized boiler pressure part, the unit that apply solder ought to make welder art instructor and according to " technology of steam boiler security is censorial regulations " the regulation of appendix I is right the T form connect that asks complete solder is appeared between the butt joint connect between pressure part and pressure part undertakes soldering craft assess, accord with demand ability to be used at production.

The 23rd Rated outlet pressure is less than be equal to 0. The small-sized boiler of 1 million handkerchief, below the premise that assures welding line quality in the manufactory, lest do nondestructive,can detect.

The 24th Small-sized boiler at least ought to a pressure expresses furnish. Pressure watch ought to have desired result according to concerned regulation. Amphibious boiler, small-sized steam boiler and small-sized aluminium make small-sized soda water boiler is returned at least ought to a water level expresses furnish.
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