Small-sized and often press safety of hot water boiler censorial regulation
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The 25th Small-sized and before often pressing hot water boiler to leave factory, ought to undertake 1. 5 times nominal working pressure and do not be less than 0. The hydraulic experiment of 2 million handkerchief, dwell time 20 minutes, acceptable standard ought to be accorded with " technology of steam boiler security is censorial regulations " the second regulation.

The 4th chapter Small-sized boiler is special technical requirement

The first Small-sized soda water is amphibious boiler

The 26th The material of amphibious boiler pressure part ought to be small-sized soda water composed steel, supervise security of service boiler pressure vessel via provincial quality technology censorial orgnaization approval can use stainless steel data. Drum (housing) or the extraction of furnace uses a wall thick must not be less than 3 millimeter.

The 27th Small-sized soda water is amphibious the drum of boiler (housing) , furnace and photograph connective seal head, tube plate to be able to use the structure of T form join that inserts type complete solder to appear.

The 28th Amphibious boiler must not use small-sized soda water spring relief valve, ought to use the water that accords with following requirement to seal type security apparatus:

(One) the diameter that water seals a canal ought to decide according to the nominal capacity of boiler and pressure, and internal diameter must not be less than 25 millimeter;

(2) when water encloses buy to install, its are effective water column height must not exceed 4 meters and allow to lose error only:

(3) water seals a canal to go up not to get furnish any valve, ought to have prevent frostbite measure at the same time.
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