About GB/T 9222 " intensity of conduit boiler pressure part is calculated " of c
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Supervise according to national quality examine qualitative check of bureau of equipment of special type of quarantine total bureau cases especially 2008 〕 of 〔 64 “ are carried out about GB 713-2008 and GB/T 9222-2008 transfer period the announcement ” spirit of arrangement (see accessory 1) , the member that requirement “ boiler designs personnel and appraiser of boiler design file should attend the announce be linked together of GB/T 9222-2008 actively to groom, master new standard as soon as possible. ” my boiler divides mark appoint meeting secretariat plans this year reframe of the end of the year the class of Xuan Guanpei lecture of this standard, hope boiler makes enterprise, inspection agency reach concerned unit to attend eagerly, specific time and ground name a person for a particular job inform separately.

Like what attend this standard of purpose 2 period groom class, please atBefore October 20receipt (see accessory 2) the fax comes my branch secretariat, so that our statistic attends number and matters concerned of conference of arrangement announce be linked together.

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