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Each concern an unit:

The state that allows a condition carries continuously after obtaining evidence to master boiler pressure vessel to produce an unit, stimulative production unit improves level of management, appraisal of test and verify evaluates orgnaization job quality, basis " special type equipment is made, installation, transform, maintenance quality guarantee system asks basically " the requirement that waits for relevant code and safe technology standard, my bureau in May 2008 - to pressure vessel of countrywide part boiler manufacturing unit undertook supervisory selectiving examination in June. Report concerned case as follows now:

One, fundamental condition

Supervise this selective examination the job selectives examination by 9 when comprise about the expert group carry out, the 42 boiler pressure vessel that involves 15 provinces, municipality in all produces an unit. Among them boiler creates an unit 14, pressure vessel creates an unit 16, pressure vessel designs an unit 14 (list sees accessory 1) . From supervise selective examination case report, consciousness of unit of production of boiler pressure vessel abides by a country to concern code the consciousness that the standard asks increases ceaselessly, the product makes quality, design quality rise somewhat, supervised 2007 selective examination a few problems of discovery are getting settlement stage by stage.

2, the main problem of existence

Although boiler pressure vessel produces an unit to abide by national law,compasses consciousness and quality control capacity overall upturn, but still put in the following problem:

(one) resource condition respect. Management of raw material library, solder material library is lax, cause quality of surface of stainless steel material and solder material temperature and humidity to control occurrence problem. Ageing of technical personnel age, do not pay attention to a person to ability is introduced and be fostered, technical personnel amount, scale cannot accord with permissive requirement continuously.

(2) respect of quality guarantee system. Did not edit in time according to the requirement of safe technology standard file of quality guarantee system. Systematic file is unclear clear, demand is uncertain, system of post responsibility is not fulfilled.

(3) product quality respect. The welder of production unit art assess cannot cover overall product, bent housing quality is put in the problem. The design that designs an unit did not put forward nondestructive to detect in the file processing of postheat of acceptable level, solder, product solders try board, the essential technical requirement such as crucial production working procedure.

3, the problem of discovery and processing opinion

(one) boiler pressure vessel produces an unit.

Shandong saves luxuriant spring resource to use limited company integratedly to seal head processing factory to undertake in outdoor field the head squelchs sealing, without the riveting solder workshop that close, without the solderer that hold card, did not accord with A3 class continuously (be restricted to seal a suppress only) pressure vessel creates permissive condition.
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