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Academy of Beijing environment science is advanced engineer Xie Zaiheng, the boiler of “ coal fired that uses oxidation principle initiate removes dust without additive to decoke ” of azotic oxide technology, came true to remove dust, the desulphurization, unifinication that take off saltpetre. This one technology is discharged without liquid waste and waste residue, the rate that take off saltpetre is more than 90%% , remove dust rate be more than 99%% , one oxidation nitrogen is eliminated basically. This technology already was passed in try, evaluation and test.

Current, to decoke of domestic and international coal fired boiler, take off saltpetre and dust collector, dou Yijing report or hop-pocket remove dust, generate through limewater, precipitation gives sulphurous acid calcium, not only waste a large number of electric energy and cause pollution 2 times, the one oxidation nitrogen that at the same time boiler coal fired produces is met in air very speedy union is 2 oxidation nitrogen, again chemical combination makes nitric acid, form acid rain. This technology need not add any clarifier to be mixed with respect to the can one-time in purifying a tower to decoke that finish, oxide that take off nitrogen remove dust. This one technology is aimed at the grey portion in coal mineral composition and the chemical character of the child after its boiler burns, the 3 oxidation in the portion that use ash 2 iron become catalysis of 2 oxidation sulfur vitriolic, reoccupy ferrous ion makes complexing absorbefacient, absorb one oxidation nitrogen in acidity water, the sulfite that generates with 2 oxidation sulfur purifies waste gas of one oxidation nitrogen, the metallic oxide in using vitriolic and deliquescent dirt finally generates sulfate.

The technology evaluates committee commissioner to think, efficiency of this technology decontamination is tall, moving fare is low, configuration equipment and craft are brief, in innovation sex is had in domain of domestic and international technology of coal fired to decoke at present.

According to Introduction Xie Zaiheng, this one technology omited dust collector, facility cost is current only the 1/3 of desulphurization equipment. Its take off the ability of azotic oxide to still can raise temperature of boiler the chamber of a stove or furnace, increase thermal efficiency, reduce cost of power plant fuel, solve the difficult problem of leap of chroma of nitrogen of the one oxidation after boiler combustion temperature rises. This one technology uses the effect on the boiler of coal of combustion tall sulfur best, the difficult problem of equipment knot dirty that solved the lime that passes through domestic and internationally to counteract law to decoke to cause thoroughly, circular catharsis reduced close 1/2 with water, do not have pollution 2 times.