Ba Sifu rolls out new-style and transparent cathode electrophoresis coating
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Ba Sifu near future rolls out a kind of transparent cathode electrophoresis coating, have be able to bear or endure goodly cut sex. This kind of transparent product that is used at metallic sealing contact surface is different from traditional electrophoresis coating, its interior does not add any dye, and it is odd constituent product, use is more accordingly extensive also. Additional, because coating of this kind of new-style electrophoresis used electrophoresis deposit technology, more satisfy easily eletroplate the requirement of the company.

Basifujin belongs to home of finishing product expert to say, people often chooses the coating that contain chromium to be used at galvanization component and fittings previously. The limitation in the electric electron equipment that the European Union carried out compulsively on July 1 last year uses harmful material statement, and discard as useless the car of European Union ' that carries out at enforcing since July 1, 2007 ' instruction, a lot of heavy metal compound that taboo includes chromate inside, ba Sifu is timely the new-style electrophoresis coating that roll out serves as replace a product to be paid close attention to by the market.

Coating of electrophoresis of new-style and transparent cathode can protect Ba Sifu not only the metal is avoided at corroding, still can prevent to decorate sexual brass fittings to lose luster. Besides, this kind of new-style coating still has wear and environmental protection sex.