Test pump of Zhejiang sea door factory
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The factory founds test pump of Zhejiang sea door 1965, it is test pump orders a manufacturer surely. Domestic prior produces dynamoelectric, hand to use the professional plant of test pump. The product has 14 series a variety of 80 norms. This factory all the time since assume national test pump to export the job, form a complete set of test pump product or stand-alone export America, Asia, Europe and world each district. Its quality managed a system to carry out GB/T19001-2000idt ISO9001:2000 standards. Test pump is to be of all kinds pressure vessel, conduit, valve and steam boiler to make intensity hydraulic experiment and pressure source is provided in all sorts of experiments. The item that needs bursting test for high-pressured tube, gas cylinder and everything provides pressure source. Still produce ZJ series at the same time metric pump and YJ series remote control are metric pump. This factory also produces pressure to test systematic unit automatically, this device is the pressure source that generates in electric test pump in the process that to be being tried workpiece has compression test, use industry to control the computer to enter multistage pressure, undertake the set of dwell time, automatically detecting to pressure, control, record, use transducer to undertake modulatory to step up speed at the same time, implementation discharge linear is outputted, have a record to measuring an outcome, print, the Electromechanical unifinication product that save and offers data network to share. In addition OK still according to need, wait with discharge, deformation, displacement undertake detecting. This factory also produces engine of cut of much knife of much knife slicer, nicety. This factory provides high grade product and high-class service for domestic and international client wholeheartedly, also can satisfy the special requirement of the user, the design is made change model product.