Coating of pottery and porcelain of rice of our country accept goes out to be ta
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The coating of is medium with water pottery and porcelain of rice of accept of efficient heat preservation that technical academy develops Kelidenami mixes the country coating of pottery and porcelain of rice of serious anticorrosive offer, already checked central test through national housing materials and popularize application, the anticorrosive heat preservation that solved heating power effectively to carry conduit to reach all sorts of high temperature furnace first in home, blast furnace operates personnel to prevent heat and maritime equipment and strong acid, alkali to produce the anticorrosive difficult problem of equipment.

These two kinds of coating are the person last a period of time such as Sun Qiming 8 years development comes out. Coating of accept rice pottery and porcelain has effect of exceedingly good adiabatic heat preservation below high temperature environment, do not fall off, do not burn, be able to bear or endure water, moistureproof, avirulent, right the environment does not have pollution. Exam proves, a few centimeters smear of generous coating of accept rice pottery and porcelain is outside heating power conduit, can prevent heating power effectively to diffuse outwards; Coating besmear is inside the high temperature furnace such as the steelworks, can make temperature control is in furnace appearance 50 Celsius less than, the heating power boiler that applies to power plant of industry of metallurgy, chemical industry and cooking are gas drop in temperature outside the anticorrosive, furnace that waits for the high temperature equipment such as heating power equipment and net of heating power canal.

And use at burn-in condition the coating of pottery and porcelain of rice of serious anticorrosive offer in harsh environment, can defend effectively the establishment and the strong acid such as equipment of culvert of navigation mark lamp holder, shipping, petro-chemical establishment and canister of of all kinds lay aside, bridge, pier, railroad, artesian well, maritime oil field, alkali appearance that produces equipment, be in longer the macerate that be in harmony of mist of strong soda acid, salt, aspic, mould prevents to wait inside time.

The main raw material of these two kinds of coating is the raw material that the metallic oxide pottery and porcelain of accept rice class uses. Its technical principle is radiation-proof conduct heat with solid. At present these two technologies had filed 6 inventions patent.