Our country coal fines is efficient and clean combustion technology and product
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] in recent years, take seriously what work to environmental protection as each country government increasingly, inside whole world limits arisen the sport that governs environment of pollution, protection. New environmental protection technology and product are ceaseless emerge in large numbers, also produce new difficult problem ceaselessly at the same time. Coal fines combustion is discharged in pollution in take important place, also be the key that processing of all through the ages pollutes and difficulty. Central task serves as it all the time in making multilateral home pollute an activity in processing environment, also obtained more apparent effect. According to forecasting, 2000~2010 year our country coal still is in the proportion in energy demand 70% the left and right sides, can fall 2050 to 50% the following, but the absolute magnitude that coal consumes still increased greatly. Accordingly, to our country government character, operating ring condition protects overall index, must control the pollution that coal fired causes above all, its outlet no more than depends on developing energetically with coal efficient clean uses the clean coal technology that is a tenet completely.

Inside ten years when develop ceaselessly in clean coal technology, all developed a lot of products and whole set technology domestic and internationally. Have technology of liquefaction of aerification of technology of the advanced technology that pick coal, water coal oar, coal, coal, fluid-bed of fluid-bed of annulus having follow, pressure boost loop, whole is gas change combination to wait for a technology circularly, the flue gas that has all sorts of processing levels purifies technology and fly ash to use a technology integratedly to wait. Consider our country current situation integratedly, efficient and clean combustion and flue gas purify coal fines the technology is in the near future is due vaster applied space.

Technology of efficient and clean combustion and flue gas purify coal fines efficient and clean combustion and flue gas purify coal fines of technical current situation the technology includes technology of to decoke of technology of efficient combustion technology, low NOx combustion, flue gas, flue gas to take off saltpetre technology, remove dust the technology. Show brief as follows introducing:

Generally speaking, coal fines is efficient combustion technology and technology of low NOx combustion are two kinds of technologies that each other is contradiction. Reduce NOx to generate with discharge the temperature that depends on controlling combustion area at all cannot too tall, but the combustion rate that microtherm burns to affect coal fines again, coordinating what the application of these two technologies makes to achieve integrated and optimal result is a purpose, ask whole to coal fines flaming process tries to control actually. Can assure the stability that coal fines catchs fire already, have inferior combustion temperature again, have at the same time enough the long combustion time that leaves in constant temperature assures to light ashes. The more advanced combustion technology on the world is at present basic give attention to two or morethings these elements, have with what dc burner gives priority to among them: ABB-CE company uses the inertial and separate action of wind bend, in bend exit intermediate setting has aperture clapboard, coal fines air current cent is become on thick below weak two paragraphs of air current, form burner of fluctuation shade coal fines, be apart from adjustable V blunt style of axial in spout place, carry reasonable organization 2 times wind, the combustion result that achieved stable, efficient, low NOx to discharge at the same time; 3 water chestnut of Japanese are versed in again (MHI) developed PM burner, use the centrifugation of bend, divide wind into fluctuation shade two air current, use the whole inside flue gas recycle and furnace to classification at the same time combustion technology, also achieved better result. Shed what burner gives priority to in order to come back to have: FW company uses tornado child intromit advocate the wind chroma of burner increases, reduce wind speed to catch fire in order to assure coal fines air current stability, control NOx make an amount; The still has B&W company PAX that has more industry application come back the wide mediation limits that sheds company of IHI of coal fines burner, Japan comes back shed coal fines burner, Germany Sitanmile company multistage classifications come back for wind shed burner to wait. Afore-mentioned these industrial products all can make sure NOx is discharged it is under 400mg/Nm3, have taller combustion efficiency. The technology of low NOx combustion that at present abroad is developing can control NOx to make an amount is control in 200mg/Nm3, already reached higher level. But because on the world a lot of advanced countries are discharged to NOx,set rigid standard, rely on to improve and raise combustion technology to achieve NOx to control a cost hard only, consequently some boiler aircrew added flue gas to take off saltpetre device in the rear.
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