Arc of the biggest norms ages bevel gear milling cutter develops a success
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The milling cutter of arc tine bevel gear of the biggest norms was in the world recently Shaanxi saves Hanjiang labour to provide finite liability company to develop a success. What with its development of the corresponding period succeeds is efficient double cut hob, can improve cutting efficiency not only 3 ~ 4 times, and cutting tool life is longer, suit treatment of equipment of gear hobbing of high spirit numerical control, can replace an entrance completely.
It is reported, milling cutter of bevel gear of tine of 50 inches of arc can satisfy what machinery of our country oil, electric power makes to be badly in need of, achieve international banner level. Current, hanjiang tool company already was had from 2~50 inch the design development capacity of product of whole set of milling cutter of arc tine bevel gear and manufacturing process capability.