Organic hot carrier fastens all brief introduction
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Organic hot carrier fastens all brief introduction
Organic carrier heats the system is a kind with organic hot carrier (conduction oil) as conduct heat the new-style hot power plant of medium, its core component is conduction oil furnace. It is good to have thermal stability as a result of organic hot carrier conduct heat function beautiful, low vapour is pressed, and avirulent insipidity, do not have to equipment corrode wait for a lot of advantages, organic hot carrier heats the system has incomparable advantage in industrial application.

Principle of boiler of conduction oil of rich of world of a person of extraordinary powers reachs a characteristic
1, main heating surface is coil structure, material uses steel tube of GB3087 20# boiler, the design of boiler, make, examine to all accord with a country " safety of boiler of organic hot carrier is censorial regulations " requirement.
2, temperature of the chamber of a stove or furnace is high, combustion is sufficient, combustion efficiency is tall, tail gas discharges chroma low.
3, high fever efficiency, enough heating surface and reasonable heating surface are decorated make the thermal efficiency of boiler achieves 75% above.
4, oil capacity is little, warm up rate is rapid.
5, service life is long
6, the integral consistency of the reasonable velocity of flow that heat up oil and velocity of flow, made sure furnace is in charge of won't because of knot carbon cartridge igniter, assured the safety of boiler already, also prolonged oily service life at the same time.
7, installation is simple, use convenient
8, cover an area of an area small, exterior is beautiful and easy
9, this boiler can be used already spoon-fed (boiler press press) the system also can use pump formula (boiler is often press) system
Monochromatic of intelligence of computer of unifinication of boiler of conduction oil of our company coal fired (or color) system of Chinese screen control has the following advantage:
1, complete Chinese shows, interfacial program changes a design, clarity of the flow that start can show, animation of normal combustion interface is distinct,
2, automatic / the hand uses operation each other to reserve, automatic state system detects automatically each reference point and boiler aircrew run state, the hand moves the system below condition to show each test point are current condition.
3, ask to control aircrew to start according to bear or stop.
4, can come true everyday 4 period of time are time switch machine, according to the user effective demand dominates the starting time of boiler aircrew.