Boiler is energy-saving equipment
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Division of prosperous happy county amounts to energy-saving equipment limited company is one uses vacuum superconduction to heat up the professional company that runs patent technology to produce energy-saving equipment. The company has senior engineer 22 people, professional design personnel 17 people, advanced electric welder 122 people, with etc major technical personnel, production installs mechanic 150 more than person.
Since the company holds water oneself, professional production makes boiler energy-saving equipment, already had technical development, production to make now, installation debugs the system with after service one continuous line, great and convenient the diverse demand of user of of all kinds boiler.
The company holds to technical innovation from beginning to end, ideal preface, serve the development train of thought that reach the designated position. With close administration, top-ranking quality, reasonable price, good service is offerred for broad user more perfect, more energy-saving equipment of economy.
Wish you hand in hand division amount to, healthy.
Working principle reachs utility:

This product is to use high-tech - vacuum superconduction heats up tubal technology, often time experiment and the new-style and energy-saving equipment of development. Its principle is: Use vacuum superconduction to heat up tubal instant heat conduction and the character with two isothermal end, the more than heat boiler flue (about 160 degrees - 180 degrees) add lukewarm fission via superconductive material, the instant is absorbed and conduct flue gas quantity of heat, classics vacuum exceeds heat conduction to be conducted quickly of the canal, make the cold water inside equipment warms up quickly, reach the temperature of the design, use thereby at different utility.

This equipment applies Yu Ran extensively to enrage, oil fired boiler and vertical, boiler of horizontal coal fired, the production that is all trades and professions uses steam, the life is drinkable, the stoving heating energy-saving equipment that supplied ideal, create considerable economic benefits.

Main technique feature reachs parameter:

1, on the base that this equipment is not increasing the sources of energy, flue more than heat falls to be controlled to 100 degrees by 170 degrees or so, boiler the temperature that use water lifts 30 degrees go to 50 degrees, raise boiler efficiency 15%-20% , save 8%-15% of the sources of energy, 4-6 the month can call in total investment.

2, equipment can differ according to the tonnage volume of user boiler, structure, design of utility demand, spot, installation is safeguarded convenient.

3, one-time investment, service life is long, move to be able to amount to 5-8 commonly normally year. This equipment is operated correctly by the design move, guarantee period 5 years.

4, run dirty of smoke of not easy generation to jam, reduce soot discharge capacity effectively, environmental protection effect is distinct.
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